We meet for worship service every Sunday morning at 10.30am.

Communion is held on the third Sunday of each month, and is followed by a lunch where people bring a plate of food to share.

New people are encouraged to come along and meet the friendly members of this hospitality-focused congregation.


The Uniting Church SA seeks to be an innovative, growing church proclaiming Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit to transform God’s world. Read More.

The Uniting Church is a young church – formed on 22 June 1977, when the Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches united to become one. The Basis of Union is the document which affirms our Christian faith and is the guide to what is central to the life of the Uniting Church in Australia. Read the Basis of Union here.


Worship services have been held in the Broadview area for many years. The roots of this Uniting Church congregation can be traced back to services held at the former Rechabite Hall in Broadview. These services were moved to the current Broadview Uniting Church site in 1964 when the building there was completed. The church’s spacious hall is a more recent addition to the site.

Church Band

Music has been, and continues to be, an important aspect of the Broadview Uniting Church congregation’s worshipping life. Currently a piano and pipe organ assist with providing music, and a youth band on Sunday mornings.

For photos of our Church building and band click here


Rev Ruthmary Bond

Ruthmary loves being with people chatting, eating and living life together.
Ruthmary spends time connecting with local families and community members in her daily life, through Sunday services, at the Church Op Shop and through other community activities.

Before accepting the call to Broadview Uniting Church, Ruthmary was the Minister at CitySoul Uniting Church in the CBD, the Evangelism and Fresh Expressions Officer for the Uniting Church Synod, and she has also been the Minister at Burnside Uniting Church and Kensington Park Uniting Church.

In December 2012 she opened the ‘Experience Cafe’ which is an initiative to help refugees, migrants and unemployed young people gain skills in the hospitality industry so they can gain paid employment. In 2013 she launch an app called “50 Ways to share your faith” with over 6000 people downloading and sharing.

With a background in missionary work that took her to India, Africa, America & New Zealand, Ruthmary has gained a wealth of experience working and sharing the Gospel with a diverse range of people. Most recently she has visited America and the UK to explore and find out more about Fresh Expressions of Church, what church is for in today’s culture and how people experience a personal relationship with God today. She has written a book called “Turnaround Church” that shares her insights.

Ruthmary is mother of 5 children, full of energy, oh, and did we say she loves doing life with people!

Jolo (John Igros II)
Community Worker

Jolo (John Igros II) is the Community Worker at Broadview Uniting church. He has significant experience with leading young people through his youth ministry at Spring Park Baptist Church and has experience in leading new initiatives through his time in leadership at CitySoul Uniting Church. He has a bachelor in health science and is studying a Masters in Divinity.

The young people in our community have someone consistent to connect with in Jolo and someone to give wisdom and a listening ear. He also heads up outreach cafe called ‘The Experience” which is an initiative to help unemployed young people, refugees and migrants gain skills in the hospitality industry so they can gain paid employment. 

Jolo really enjoys walking with young people in their life journey, he is fun, easy going with a passion for the love of Jesus.