The Experience Cafe


WEDNESDAY  8am – 2pm

THURSDAY     8am – 2pm

FRIDAY            8am – 2pm

SATURDAY     8am – 2pm

A new cafe offering work experience for young people 18-30 year old.

“The Experience”   61 Galway Ave Broadview.


Know anyone who is needing a job but doesn’t  have experience?

Can’t get the experience but need to get a job?


Contact Jolo via text on 0435175912 or

message him on Facebook or Instagram to book an interview.



Many families celebrate the birth of a baby through some form of ritual. At Broadview Uniting Church, we offer two ways of celebrating this important moment in your family’s life – a traditional baptismal service and a service of blessing and thanksgiving.

Traditional baptismal services form a part of our usual Sunday morning worship services. This is a sacramental act during which water is poured on the baby’s head, prayers are offered, and promises are made by the parents, godparents (if applicable) and congregation to bring up the child within a Christian context.

The service of Blessing and Thanksgiving for a Child provides an alternative for parents who wish to have their child blessed and prayed for, but who do not wish to have a traditional baptism at this time. In this service, we pray for the child, parents and godparents (if applicable), and promise to love and care for the child. This service may be conducted as a part of the Sunday morning worship or at a separate time and place negotiated by your family.

For more information, please contact the Church Office


Weddings held at the church attract fees for different components, such as the minister ($150), preparation course ($50), church use ($100) and organist ($110).

Our minister will usually conduct weddings held at the church unless other arrangements are negotiated. Couples will need to meet with the minister three times prior to the wedding, which includes time to complete paperwork, undergo marriage preparation and take part in a rehearsal. Required paperwork needs to be completed well in advance of the ceremony, so please take this into consideration when deciding on negotiating a date.

Confetti may not be used at weddings held at Broadview Uniting Church. Rose petals and/or bubbles may be used outside the church building.


Our op shop, Broadview Treasures, is open every Wednesday from 10am until 12noon, and on the first Saturday of each month from 9am until 12noon. The op shop includes clothes, shoes, DVDs, vinyl records, bric-a-brac and more. This is a community space where people are welcome to browse or share a cuppa.

For more Op Shop images, please visit our gallery.


The Broadview Uniting Church Hall (10×18 metres) is available for hire by responsible groups for seminars and functions from 9am until 10pm. Loud music and alcohol consumption is prohibited.

Hire rate is $20 per hour.

Facilities, such as the kitchen and PA system, are available at a small extra cost.

For more information, please contact the Church Office.